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ROTR Official Rules

You must be at least 15yrs old to receive an invitation and join
You must be a resident in Lakeland, FL unless you are in exception
You invitation must be sent by a mod or co-mod to be valid
The application to join ROTR will be sent with invitation
You have 2 days after the invitation is sent to post your application
Please answer ALL of the questions
Post your applications behind an lj-cut
Do not comment on any other post besides for your own until you’ve been accepted into the community
If you are not accepted the first time do not re-apply, unless you are sent another invitation.
Do not bitch if you are not accepted…because that is gay.

Member Rules

All Dolls must treat each other with respect which means no fighting amongst each other unless it is in the pit. Anything other than that will risk you your position as a ROTR member.
All Dolls must stay active in local scene/shows/music/etc.
Just because you are a Doll it doesn’t mean you can vote. The head mods will always choose.
The head mods can also remove Dolls as they see fit.
We are not a gang, there will be no gang related violence involved in ROTR…unless it is in the mosh pit…with my fist…in your face.

a wraith with an angel's body
a demon with a smile of gold...

a killer with the perfect weapons
crystal eyes and a heart of coal...