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Real Name: Allyson Piper

Nick Name (or name that the dolls will refer to you as): Erm, I dunno. Most common nicknames for me are Piper or Tear  

Age: 17

Birthday: 1/9/88

Race (how brown are you?): Italian/white

Do you XxMoshxX at all or whenever you can at Local Shows/Quinceaneras/Ritual Circumcisions?: Yeah when I have people to do it with me

Give us a physical description or your self a picture if you want or some lovely panties will do (BITCH how many fingers and toes do you have….????):Errrm Im 5'3 w/short black hair, green eyes and I weigh alot.

Which side of Lakeland do you live on?: Northside I guess? 


Are you XxStraightxEdgexX?: Yes

Religion(bueno – no bueno?): Atheist

Sexual Preferences: Bisexual, but no worries, im stuck on Rabbit.

Are you dating anyone?: Yesh, his name is Ryan aka Maximas


Name some silly things you like to do: Yell at random people and make them feel uncomfrontable.

Are you engaged with any musical endeavors of your own?: That question almost confused me. Ummm, im in the band at school? And errr, im in this band called Midway to the Middle.

What do you want to do with your life?: I want to be an english teacher, get married, have some babies and die

Personal Quote: “If ever you cannot get someone off of your mind, stop and think, maybe they are supposed to be there”



5 Movies: League of extraordinary gentlemen, a walk to remember, big mommas house, angel, hide and seek, ghost

5 Songs: Matchbook romance- tiger lilly

             Letter kills- for the weekend

          the ataris- my reply


          Saves the day-hold 

5 Albums: Saves the day- Ups and downs

            Matchbook romance

             Letter kills

             Incubus – MorningView

            Fiona apple- when the pawn

5 Bands (or as many local bands as you want): Malkavian,YourExHero, JohnDoeJersey, Athens at acropolis

Live Shows: Munn park last year.. it was awesome.

Place to go for shows: CampFire USA

5 Books: I dont remember... sorry!

FOOOOD!!!! EVERYBODYS GOTTA EAT!: anything italian

Color: pale PINK!



How long do you plan on being apart of ROTR: For the rest of my eternal liiiife!

What’s the most unusual thing that’s ever happened to you at a show?: Well, not to me, but when Korena hit her head on the ground and was bleeding, i got scared.

Did you know that me you and your mother got together last night?: Ugh, you dirty

Are you taking any medications?: tons

Have you ever gotten the shit beaten out of you at a show (if yes explain cause that would hellacious): Nope – one day hopefully.

If there is a personal problem between 2 or more Dolls what do you do?: Make sure they talk about it and try and work it out.

Do you like breakfast burritos?: Yeah they’re flippin awesome.

Do you like Jamaicans?: sure why not

Who is the person you have the greatest aversion to? (what bitch do you want to hit in the face): KYLIE SHORES, BLOW UP FACE, and NIKKI POOLE

If another Doll falls in a pit what do you do?: Jump on top of them and scream "muahahahaha i own your life!"

Before we let you go give us a Zinger (make us laugh our asses off): I think I can sing.


Haha? Sorry, im not funny.

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